So I have this crazy idea. I want us to start a movement—more specifically, a dignity campaign. In a world driven by comparisons, celebrity, socially sanctioned success and self-absorption, it’s easy to forget that EVERYBODY matters. So let’s remind ourselves by really noticing the people around us. Smile, say hello, look them in the eye, and publicly acknowledge their intrinsic worth regardless of who they are or what they do. … Here’s how you play:

Instagram or tweet a tightly-shot portrait of a person you cross paths with and show the world they matter. Like this:

“The mail carrier who sloshed through mud and gave my neighbor’s dog a treat matters.” #everybodymatters #dignity

“The woman who sleeps on the steps near my work matters.” #everybodymatters #dignity

“The boy who made me a mom 17 years ago matters.” #everybodymatters #dignity

In case you missed it, here’s the formula: The [blank] who [blank] matters. #everybodymatters #dignity

Be sure to ask permission, keep it kind and capture their dignity.

Let’s change the world one meaningful glance at a time.