I get pretty excited about ideas—and dilemmas. Maybe you need a fresh pair of eyes or a sounding board—someone with whom to troubleshoot, brainstorm or critique. Well, I love to think and come up with ideas and solve problems, and I’ve been told I’m pretty good at it, too.

Need to strategize? Come up with a solution? Improve a product? Name your project? Sometimes you just need a little help, a kick in the pants, another brain, an objective opinion or someone to bridge a skill gap on your team. Here are some of the tasks I can tackle for you:

Art Direction
Brainstorming/Creative Thinking
Copy Editing/Rewriting
Photo Editing

And don’t worry, I’m a social chameleon. You need corporate? Certainly. Casual? Got it. Quirky? Indubitably. Whatever the flavor, my goal is to make our time together productive while feeling easy and relaxed.